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Nearly 90% of all email is spam

From website "stuff" comes this startling bit of news.

It may come as no surprise, but almost every email sent in 2007 was spam.

About 95 per cent of emails this year – up from 70 per cent
in 2006 – were classified as junk messages, according to a report from
US security firm Barracuda, Agence France Presse reported.

Most of this is deleted by email filters run by Internet providers before it hits inboxes.

Barracuda analysed more than a billion emails received each day by its 50,000 customers for the report, AFP said.

A few months ago I was trying to find free sheet music online of which there is plenty of copyright free texts available. I went to a website that offered me music but I had to fill out a survey. It asked for my email address so I gave it the one I use only for registering at sites and gave it a bogus mailing address. Thank heavens for this. I have never seen such an onslaught of spam. We’re talking anywhere between 20 and 40 messages per day.

Fortunately, I have really good spam filtering. My mail provider dreamhost runs Spam Assassin on their server which gets a lot. Then my second line of defense is Spam Sieve on the Mac. As a result I only see a spam email once ever couple days. But I think anywhere between 20 and 50 are being filtered daily from my multiple accounts. Thank heavens for good filters. 


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