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Moleskine Memo Pocket

Moleskine 1867 81862I wrote awhile back about discovering cargo pants as a tool for carrying my multitudinous gadgets and stuff. I generally have a Pocket PC, iPod, cell phone and some form of wallet with me. I was also carrying a pocket notebook around with me called a Moleskine so that I could take pen and paper notes when necessary. This became bulky because I was also carrying a wallet. The Moleskine has a handy little pocket in the back, so I decided to put all my wallet cards in there. But then I discovered that I wasn’t using the notebook at all. So I discovered these. It’s an accordion little folder, like a pocket filing cabinet for 3X5 cards. This is just wonderful. It keeps my wallet cards, most important ones in the front. Receipts. And now 3X5 cards so that if I need to write something down, I can and it isn’t bound inside a book. I can hand it to someone, or put it in my inbox to be processed later. Neat!

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  1. Daren


    Yeah, I don’t really understand this Moleskine thing. I checked it out on 43 Folders, but it seems like taking a step back in the age of Pocket PCs and Palm Pilots. I guess it is a right-brained, artisan thing… a longing for the Renaissance, I suppose.

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